Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Beauty tips and tricks

•To hide spots on your face, get a natural skin tone eyeliner pencil and cover the spot. Apply evenly all over your face. The wont show.

•Lipsticks are expensive. Make sure you don’t waste even the tiniest bit of it. When the tube has been used down to the bottom, carefully remove what is left of the wax, mix it with just a little petroleum jelly in a container, you’ve got your very own lip-gloss.

•Long lasting lipsticks can help heal and dry lips. They have a built in moisturizer that helps keep the lips soft and attractive.

•Lighter colors make lips look bigger. Dark colors make lips look smaller. Pearl lipsticks enhance imperfections, therefore, best avoided especially by older generation.

•To make your lipstick stay on longer first brush talcum powder on your lips, apply first coat of lipstick. Blot it carefully. Brush on more talcum powder. Follow it up with another layer of lipstick.

•If your nail varnish congeals, try adding a few drops of nail varnish remover to thin it down.

•Put your eyeliner into the freezer before sharpening: this gives a sharper point.

•When plucking eyebrows at home, place a hot flannel on your eyebrow, pull skin taut and pluck. The heat makes it easier and painful

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