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Remedy for wrinkles

Remedy for wrinkles

wrinkles gives very ugly look to beauty of the face.To remove wrinkles take 1 egg (white) and 1 tablespoon milk. mix this mixture vigorously.Apply this paste to the face and then wash your face with cool water you will feel fresh and the skin will become wrinkle free.


Simple-to-make Conditioners

Simple-to-make Conditioners

Henna is a traditional Indian herb that acts as a natural conditioner and is excellent for the maintenance of healthy hair. It can help heal the hair shaft by repairing and sealing the cuticle,protecting hair against breakage and loss of shine.
Herbal Henna, Darkens Hair, acts as natural Hair Conditioner, Controls Dandruff & prevents Hair loss. Due to natural cooling effect of the herbs used it improves eyesight and gives sound sleep.

How to use- * Soak Henna over night. * If dark tint is required soak in an iron bowl. *Apply in small sections of hair and comb through so that Henna paste can reach the hair roots. *For darker tint keep for 2 -3 hours. * For hair conditioning rinse after 30 mints.

*For dark brown hair : Put Henna in an iron bowl and mix with hot freshly boiled tea & coffee. Keep the mixture overnight, cover it with a lid. Use next morning.

*For Burgundy coloring : Boil two BEETROOT'S & 6 - 8 HIBISCUS flower for 20 mints. Allow to cool. Mix with Henna powder to make a paste. Add one lemon juice or 1 tabel spoon of vinegar before use.

*For hair conditioning : Mix Henna powder with one cup of curd, one table spoon of methi powder & water. Apply on hair, Keep it for 30 minutes. Egg may be used for extra body.

*For Burnished highlight : (Gloss & Luster) Boil two table spoon of tea with one table spoon of met hi powder. Mix it with Henna powder to make a paste. Allow the paste to settle down for 1 hr. Add one lemon juice before use.

These are effective and simple-to-make conditioners. These are not as harsh as the chemical conditioners, and are pure and beneficial
The All-purpose Conditioner Rinse Mix the following to prepare the magic rinse:
1 Teaspoon of Castor oil.

1 Teaspoon of Amla or Brahmi oil.

1Teaspoon of Malt Vinegar.

1 Teaspoon of Glycerin.

The Castor oil gives body to hair; the herbal oil acts like a hair tonic; vinegar restores the acid mantle; glycerin moisturizes the hair and shampoo is the medium that blends the ingredients. Before washing the hair, apply this mixture to the hair gently and leave it on for about twenty minutes. Shampoo it out with clear water and feel the marvelous change in your hair texture.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Aloe vera can be used for different treatments without spending money

For pimples or acne

-> Aloe Vera is the father of acne or pimples. It removes acne or pimples very easily.

-> Just drink Aloe Vera juice regularly and you can see the difference yourself.

-> Even if you have knee pain you can take aloe Vera.

-> If someone has burns then he can also use Aloe Vera.

-> Its better to take Aloe Vera except cosmetic products.

-> Because cosmetics are very injurious for face it may be the cause of acne.

-> So Aloe Vera is simple way of all the diseases .

-> A small plant can do lot of things without spending any money.

-> Mens also can use these tips.


Best Therapy or Treatment for health skin and body

Treatment for health skin and body

Energy Booster
If you feel an instant boost of vitality after taking a teaspoon of honey with warm water, you're not imagining it. Honey is choc-a-bloc with vitamins, minerals, glucose and fructose, which is why it makes good sense to substitute sugar with honey whenever possible
It reduces fat,cures belly problems, etc.

Smoothing Skin Lotion
Mix one teaspoon honey with one teaspoon regular cooking oil and a quarter teaspoon lemon juice. Dip a cotton swab into this mixture and rub it into your elbows, hands and heels. Rinse off with lukewarm water after ten minutes.

Hair Conditioner
Mix half a cup of honey with two tablespoons olive oil. If your hair is very dry, add a third tablespoon. Section off your hair and coat it well with the mixture. Cover your hair with a shower cap so you don't mess up the entire house. In addition, the shower cap traps heat from your scalp, enabling the oils to penetrate further. Wash off after half an hour.

Skin Softening Bath
Fill up your tub with warm water and add a quarter cup honey for a smooth, silky bath.

For hairs, skin and health
Pour it on your paratha, stir it into your milk, dip your fruits in it, apply it to your face or hair, or simply pour a teaspoon down your throat. Whichever way you have it, rest assured, it's a treat for your health, skin and body.

Healing Properties
Applying honey on cuts and wounds helps them heal faster, as honey controls anti-oxidants which absorb the oxygen from the air and help the wound heal faster, without scarring. The ancient Egyptians used honey to treat cataracts, cuts and burns. Hippocrates, the Greek physician, prepared honey-based cures for skin disorders and ulcers. During World War I, German doctors used honey mixed with cod liver oil to surgically dress soldiers' wounds.
So what are you waiting for? Rush to the kitchen and grab a spoonful of honey.


How to get the most out of moisturising


Moisturizing is probably the most essential routine our skin needs to look beautiful .but knowing the right way to moisturize is what brings out the beauty in our skin, moisturizing is the corn stone of good skin forms barrier between the skin and environmental conditions.

->Moisturize with a product that fits your skin type and makes your skin look and feel soft.You may need to try several brands with differing ingredients before you find the one you like.

->Moisturize immediately after bathing. pat or blot your skin until its just barely dry,then moisturize immediately to help trap water in the surface cells.

->Moisturize your hands and body as needed.After bathing, showering, before ex cerise every time you wash your hands.

->Dont use any heavy creams on your face unless you have excessive dryness,You can use heavy,oil based creams on your legs and hands and feet because those areas tend to be drier

-.And finally the most important one of all moisturize everyday.your skin needs to be moisturized even during the months of summer,just like us it often needs to get a refreshing drink of moisture.

Dry Skin moisturizer

Moisturizing helps to form a fine, protective layer that enables the skin to retain its own moisture,Lack of moisture on the skin causes skin to become dry and more prone to wrinkling,as in the case of dry face.Your skin needs to be moisturized even the warm months of summer. use dry skin moisturizer

Take one tablespoon honey in a katori and add one teaspoon milk. Mix well and smooth it over face. Rinse off with lukewarm water after ten minutes. Your skin will feel soft instantly

Oily skin moisturizer

most of us with oiler skin like to wash the oil of thoroughly and daily,so that we are not shiny faced and so that sebum does not clog pores and attract dirt.Every body needs to moisturize ,In fact moisturizing is probably the most essential thing that oily skin needs.

Skin Toner

The essential protection the skin needs is irrelevant to cold and dry or warm and humid,so not just during the colder periods,the skin needs to be moisturized through out the year.Everyday moisture is the key to beautiful skin apply for toned skin.

->Puree an apple with one tablespoon honey in a blender. Apply this mixture for face and leave on for 15 minutes. Rinse with cool water. This makes a great toner


Natural way of henna conditioning gives smoothen future of the hair


A Natural way of conditioning the hairs is called Heena. This herbal therapy stops dandruff, hair fall, gives healthy look, smoothen future of the hair, beautiful hairs. Apply heena every 15 days.Home made therapy.

Soak the 1\2kg henna powder or mehndi powder in a iron pan and add the below given items shake it vigorously and make a paste.Apply this paste to the hairs in a proper way .Leave it for 2 to 3 hours and then wash your hairs with warm water next day wash your hairs with shampoo and then apply herbal oil.It gives you silky, soft hairs,shining hairs, strong and smooth hairs, it increases growth of hair and stops hair fall,removes spits.


1. 1/2 kg mehndi or henna powder

2. 2ts of shikakai or Acacia Concinna for smoothen

3. 2ts of brahmi or Bacopa monnieri for growth

4. 2ts of arnica for strong roots

5. 1 egg for proteins

6. 2 ts of methi or Fenugreek Seeds powder for growth


1/2 cup of curd or 1 ts of lemon juice mix with warm water. Apply on hair.After 3 hr wash with shampoo

soak the same items before one day in an iron pan and apply.This is called heena dye. By using these heena dye which is a natural therapy you look younger and can gain strong black hairs by avoiding chemical dye.


1. 1/2 kg musturad oil

2. 1/2 kg coconut oil

3. 1 ts of amla powder

4. 1ts of arnica powder

5. 1ts of brahami or bacopa powder

5. 1ts of mandhra flower powder (hibiscus)

Mix both the oils for 1kg of oil. 10 ts of herbal powdered should be used .Mix all herbal and in both oils shake well and warm before used. Your herbal hair oil is prepared and you can use it daily.

It stops hair fall,prevents from dandruff,gives shining to the hairs,gives healthy hairs,silky hairs .


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Complete make-up within 5 mintues


within 5 minutes you can complete your make up ,this make up remains till 6-8 hours

Day make up
Day time make up should be soft and natural looking
1. Kajol
2. Eyeliner
3. Face powder(compact powder)
4. Eye shades
5. blusher

Wash the face with soap and clean it with an astringent.Before make up rub an ice cube in a circular moment for 5 minutes
It gives a fresh look,spread powder all over the face,neck and exposed areas,Apply eye shades on eye lids .It should be light and natural looking .
Apply kajal ,eye liner and then blusher on the cheeks in a sliding moment.Apply powder on the lips and then apply lipstick.

This make up remains for 6-8 hours

Evening Make up and Bridal Make up:

Evening make up and Bridal make up should be dark and attractive
1. white foundation or which suites your to your face
2. Kajol
3. eyeliner
4. face powder(compact powder)
5. Eye shades
6. blusher

Wash the face with soap or clean it with an astringent. Before make up rub an ice cube in a circular moment for 5min .It gives a fresh look.
Apply two coats of foundation and (3-4 coats for bridal) on the face, neck and exposed area spread it well.Then spread powder,allover the face ,neck and exposed areas .Apply Eye liner and Eye shades .It should be dark and attractive.Apply kajal and blusher on the cheeks in a sliding moment.Apply powder on the lips and then apply lipstick.

Always wash your face before going to bed.


Bleaching tips -to lighten color of the skin,bright face,fair skin


A Bleach Is Done to lighten or whitens the color of your skin
Bleaching is used for many reasons such as the color of hair and the tone of skin.
There are two types of bleaching can used both oily and dry skin

The application of the bleach should be proper.It should not be applied near the eyes and eyebrows,While applying bleach to the skin.

The powder bleach is a mixture of mild chemicals like balableach powder,hydrogen peroxide,ammonia and rose water. for one face two tea spoon of bleaching powder one capful of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia (4-5)drops mix with the help of blush wait for 15 minutes and remove the bleach with help of soft sponge. Bleaching can be done for every 15 days.Before use please do a patch test.It gives you matching color of your skin, lighten hair,bright face,become fair.

Saloni, jolen, and Ayur can be used for one face. 1 teaspoon of cream bleach and 2 pinches of activator as required mix well and apply on the face wait for 20 minutes and remove with sponges. It can be done for every 15 days.Before use please do a patch test.It gives you matching color of your skin,bright face,become fair,remove wrinkles,
home based remedies without wasting your time.
1 ts of glycerin
1 egg
1 ts of oat powder(bhunsa).
1 ts of honey


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Some tips regarding pierce Ears or Nose - Infections and measures to avoid infection

Some tips regarding pierce Ears or Nose; Infections and measures to avoid infection

In order to avoid any infection or side effects, You must take care of the following things:

1. Avoid eating oily food; try to eat fresh vegetables and avoid potatoes.

2. Avoid eating Grams or grains like Green gram i.e moong dal, tovar dal, masoor dal etc,

3. Avoid eating Spicy food.

4. Use some antiseptic cream till the wound is healed.

5. If you have any kind of infection to gold or artificial ornaments, avoid using that.


HERBAL SKIN CARE TIPS-Home made Herbal face pack Tips is very effective. This beauty tip acts as a multipurpose treatment for skin problems like oily


Home made Herbal face pack Tips is very effective. This beauty tip acts as a multipurpose treatment for skin problems like oily skin, pimples or acne,removes wrinlkes, removes dead skin, or for fairness,for coolness,remove black heads,cures black spot,dark circles,

->Herbal Treatment is the natural method of treatment for this kind of problems.

->Follow this method to escape from your skin problems.

NEEM-acts as antiseptic and kills bacteria

MINT-Acts as antiseptic and kills bacteria

ORANGE-remove dead skin

CUCUMBER-for fairness

SANDLEWOOD- for coolness

MULTANIMETTI- controls oil

1 Clean the face with astringent or soap, then apply mixture of above indregients the herbal face pack

2.Then wash your face after 5 minutes.

3.It gives amazing results.

4.Usage of this face pack cures dead skin,remove wrinkles,acts as antiseptic and kills bacteria,gives fairness,remove black heads,controls oil,remove pimples.


FAIRNESS TIPS-To become fair,soft skin,glamorous face,attractive look,skin glow,then use this great natural and herbal tips


To become fair,soft skin,glamorous face,attractive look,skin glow,then use this great natural and herbal tips


1 piece of cucumber

2 teaspoon milk{unboiled}


1.Take one piece of cucumber make a paste of it.

2.Then to this add 2 teaspoon of unboiled milk to it and apply on to the face.

3. keep this for 5 mins and wash your face with cool water.

Repeat this regularly it gives fairness,become fair,glowing skin,remove wrinkles,black heads,sof skin, smoothness


FREE NATURAL BEAUTY TIPS FOR SKIN CARE - shining ,glowing skin, and become fair remove scars,acne ,smooth skin, soft skin.


To become fair and increase your beauty and to make yourself look fabulous then avoid using cosmetics just apply this free natural beauty tips

Just follow this few simple tips to gain glowing skin, beautiful face,become fair,it removes scar,soft skin, smooth skin,fairness tips,remove wrinkles.


1 teaspoon- oat powdered [grandered wheat}

1 teaspoon- curd

1 teaspoon lemon juice

1.Take 1 teaspoon oat powdered {grandered wheat}and 1 teaspoon curd, 1 teaspoon honey

2.To this mixture add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice mix the mixture properly to make a paste.

3.Then apply this paste to the face.

4.Apply it regularly and gain beauty ,become fair,beautiful face, remove scars,glowing skin, soft skin, smooth skin, attractive look, shining face,skin glow,skin dryness.





1 egg yolk{yellow}

2 teaspoon rose water

1 teaspoon honey


1.Take 1 egg yolk{yellow}to this add 2 teaspoon of rosewater and 1 teaspoon of honey.

2.Apply this homemade face pack to the face.

3.Apply this face pack regularly and obtain glamours face,beauty,glowing skin,smooth skin,

4.This are few natural tips used from olden days.


FREE TIPS FOR SKIN CARE- shining ,glowing skin, and become fair remove scars,acne



1 teaspoon besan powder or gram flour

1 teaspoon honey

2 teaspoon milk

1.Take 1 teaspoon of besan powder or gramflour.

2. Then add 1 teaspoon of honey.

3. mix besan or gram flour and honey properly and than add unboil milk .

4. follow this procedure it will give fairness to skin,attractive skin,beauty,smooth skin,remove wrinkles.

5.Apply this daily and it shows its effects soon


Thursday, June 11, 2009


BEAUTY TIPS TO STUN THE WORLD-Here are some free Beauty tips that will help you look simply gorgeous. So get into the Groove & sweep the world off.

Are you ? fed up with your tanned skin problems and using moisturizers and cosmetics their simple and natural way to release from this kind of problems.

Follow this natural method to remove tanned skin, remove dark spots, remove dark circles, remove black heads.

1. Mix juices of tomato and cucumber and apply it on the face everyday.

2.This is a natural way of getting rid of tanned skin.

3. Apply it under the eye to prevent as well as reduce dark circles.


DUST SHIMMER POWDER-simple make up tips


1.Dust shimmer powder along collarbone with a large brush.

2 when wearing a short skirt dust the powder on your knees so that it catches the light and draws attention to your legs,

3.Sweep some on your shoulder blades when wearing a low cut blouse.

4.But make sure the colour is not drastically different from your skin colour.





1. Applying compact gives glamorous look but following few tips.

2.So control your urge to apply powder on your shiny nose.

3.This will ruin your compact powder kit.

4.Instead, use a blotting paper and absorb the oil first.

5.You can even use tissues.

6.Blot the oily areas with a single layer of tissue.

7.Take care not to wipe or smear.




1. For those who like to have sparkling eyes, sun bathe your eyes every morning.

2. close your eyes and face the rising sun.

3. The gentle slanting rays have the ability to cure mild myopia and other minor ailments.


LIPS CARE-To gain attractive lips by following natural methods


1.The colour of the millennium for your lips, eyes and nails range from silvery lilacs to dark purples, from icy pinks to heavy bronzes to even shimmery greens.

2. If you still haven't caught on, the emphasis is on glitter, shine and sparkle.

3. To gain gorgeous attractive glowing and shining looks follow this quite simple methods and tips.


NAIL CARE-few simple home remedies for perfect shape of the nails


TIP 1#

1. Manicure gives beautiful look to our hands.

2. french manicure is no longer just plain white.

3. you can now indulge your passion for pastels and paint the tip of your nails in soft pink, lilac and baby blue, may be even with sheer topcoat in the same colour is recommended.

4. apply it careful and gently.


1.The shape of the nail should neither be square nor oval.

2.The shape that has caught the fantasy of fashion gurus is "squoval"-longish, with straight edges and rounded tips!

3. The suitable shape of the nails and best choice give stylish look.


DRY SKIN-gives soft skin,glowing, remove black heads,attractive look


1. People with dry skin has always with dull face, shineless hair,and hairfall problem .

2. To rescue with this problem follow this simple and best tricks .

3. If you have dry skin, avoid moisturing immediately before makeup

4. Apply atleast 2 hours before makeup.

5.Dont use a dry sponge to pat the face dampen it before using.


Eye care- To gain sparkling eyes,attractive eye a free tips


Tip 2#

Eyes gives beauty to our face so we must care much about Our eyes.

1. If you have small upper eyelids, avoid dark eye shadows.

2. It will make your eyes look even smaller.

3. Just a single light shadow apply right up to your brows will do the trick.

4. A very thin black line across the base of your upper lashes will further enhance your eyes.

TIP 3#

1. To give attractive look to the eye apply mascara.

2.Apply masacara very carefully and gently for better looks.

3.To Prevent eye Movement while Applying mascara.

4. Look up Then Strech the Eye by pushing the eyebrow with your finger.

5. Then Look Down and apply mascara on top lashes.

6. It gives you very attractive eye look.




TIP 1#

Following this simple tips you can protect your skin from tanning,dark circles, black spots, black heads and it gives you glowing skin and a beautiful look to your face

1. skin is very senstive and is mainly affected much care is required

2. If you have freckled/tanned skin.

3. Massage your face with olive oil and lemon juice.

5.Use a scrub and gently but Firmly clean your Face in a circular motion.

6.Avoid thick foundations.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How To Become Fair Quickly Using Free Home Remedies ?

Wonder How To Become Fair Quickly Using Free Home Remedies? Follow these quick and simple Home remedies that too free

Become Fair Tip 1#
Before taking shower, apply a mixture of gram flour or Besan mixed with lemon juice, curd, few drops of Almond Oil, Turmeric and Honey on your entire body, excluding Hair.

Leave it till its dry.

Now take a quick shower using cold water.

Avoid applying soap on your body or else it will be not effective.

A face wash can be used to wash your face after the pack is washed off your face.

Become Fair Tip 2#

Take a handfull of gram flour or Besan.

Mix it with some water to make a paste out of it.

Use it as a soap, to wash your face 2-3 times.

Wash your face daily for best effect

within 2 weeks the changes will be observed.

Become Fair Tip 3#

Soak four to five of almonds for whole night.

Pile Off i.e; remove the Almond skin.

Make a paste or simply grind the almonds.

Add 1½ teaspoon of gram flour or besan, 1 teaspoon of fresh milk and four drops of lime juice.

Mix it properly and apply the mixture on the face or body.

Massage gently the face after 15 minutes till the paste comes off.

Rinse with warm water and then followed by cold splashes.

Become Fair Tip 4#

Make sandalwood paste and mix with rose water and apply it on the face daily.

It can also be used to get rid of pimples and dark spots for fast effect.

Become Fair Tip 5#

Turmeric powder could also be mixed with sandal wood paste and can be applied on face daily.


Pineapple Fruit Massage to gain Fair Complexion

1. Pineapple fruit is not only delicious fruit but it is also very proteineous substance.

2. The most important advantage about this fruit, that only few people knows is, its juice massage removes wrinkles and skin dryness

3. Massage your face with pineapple juice and you yourself can see the changes.

4. It gives you very attractive face and look.

5. Do this face massage weekly to get Attractive and Glowing face.


Home Remedies For Beautiful Face

Home Remedies For Beautiful Face
Follow the below mentioned beauty tips in order to gain a beautiful face.

1. Besan and Curd is always available in our kitchens. Take 1 teaspoon of curd along with 2 tablespoon of besan powder to obtain a mixture.

2. Add few drops of lemon juice to the obtained mixture of besan and curd.

3. Apply it on the face and massage it and leave it for 10 mins.

4. Then wash your face with cool water.

For Best effects: Apply it weekly for better and quick results


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

SKIN CARE TIPS - Remove Black Spots, dark circles

  • Make a mixture of 1/2 teaspoon lemon juice and glycerin and apply it on the black spots or dark circle.
  • Apply the paste of turmeric and curry leaves on the face and wash it after 15 minutes.
  • Grind dried basil leaf, neem and mint (100 gm each). Add some turmeric powder and rose water to make it in a paste form and apply it on the dark spots or the dark circles gently.
  • Grind betel leaf and add a little coconut oil and apply it on the dark spots or the dark circles.
  • Soak a chappathi in milk overnight . Make it into a paste and apply it on black heads. Repeat for several days.
  • Make a paste of saffron and add some honey , apply it on the face to remove black spots.
  • To remove black spots or dark circles, apply a paste of turmeric and basil.
  • To remove wrinkles on the face, apply a mixture of sandalwood powder, rosewater and glycerin. Wash with cold water after some time


SKIN CARE TIPS - For glowing skin

• A face mask of egg white and honey gently removes the tan from your face.

• Mix oats with honey, yogurt and ground almonds. Apply this in your face, leave it for five minutes and wash with lukewarm water.

• Cucumber is a natural cleanser. Mix cucumber juice with milk and use it instead of a cleanser.

• Take 1/3-cup cocoa, three teaspoons of heavy cream, 1/3-cup ripe papaya, 1/4-cup honey and three teaspoons of oatmeal powder. Mix it all together. Apply on your face. After 10 minutes, wash your face with warm water. This is best for oily skin

• For oily skin, apply a mixture of grapes, lemon and egg white. Leave it for 20 minutes and rinse with warm water. While lemon acts as a natural cleanser, grapes will soften your skin and egg whites will tighten it. Don’t be alarmed if your skin tingles.

• Cut the lemon and rub the wedge all over your face. Leave it for about 20 minutes, then rinse off with cold water. This will refresh your face. Avoid doing this if you have dry skin.
• Mix honey, lemon and vegetable oil .This mixture is a good moisturiser for dry skin. Apply this mask for 10 minutes.

• Apply the mixture of honey and milk on the face . This will make your skin glow.

• Prepare a mask by mixing a slice of pumpkin with egg yolk and milk. Let this mask set on your face for 30 minutes for a glowing skin.

• Mix half-a-cup honey to your bath water for soft and smooth skin.

• For a soothing body pack, prepare a paste of mint leaves and almonds. Mix it with warm water and apply all over your body. Leave it till it dries and rinse with warm water.

• Buttermilk dabbed on skin for 15 minutes will soak up oil from your skin without drying it.

• Carrot juice applied daily fades blemishes.

• For dark underarms and neck apply lemon juice mixed with cucumber juice and a pinch of turmeric daily. Leave this on for 20 minutes.

• For removing facial hair.. Apply a sticky paste of egg white blended with sugar and corn flour. When it dries, gently peel it off. Repeat this three to four times a week.

• Thin apple slices rubbed onto oily skin will help in controlling oily shine.

• For supple skin, apply a ripe smashed banana on your face for 20 minutes daily.

• Cauliflower juice applied on warts regularly will make them fall.

• For a fair skin, try this natural bleach. Mix orange peels (sun dried and powdered) with milk. Apply this paste for 25 minutes and wash off.

• Mix half teaspoon dried curry leaf powder with multani mitti (fullers earth) and apply on the face. Wash it after it gets dry.

• Apply the mixture of tomato juice and honey on the face and neck , wash it after 15 minutes.

• Apply the mixture of carrot juice and basin. Leave it till it dries and wash the face.

• Add two teaspoon of tomato juice with 4 teaspoon of curd and apply on the face.

• Add a pinch of yeast with 2 teaspoon of cabbage juice and apply.

• Mix 1 table spoon of barley powder with half teaspoon of lime juice and 1 teaspoon of honey. Apply it on the face and wash after 20 minutes.

• Mix pineapple juice and carrot juice together and apply it on the face and wash it after 15 minutes.

• Mix vinegar and rose water in equal quantities and apply.

• Mix curd and cucumber juice and apply it on the face.

• Apply the mixture of coconut water and thick pineapple juice.

• Make a paste with 1/2 teaspoon of milk powder, 1/4 teaspoon of egg white and 1/2 teaspoon of lemon juice and apply on the face.

• For dry skin, Make a paste with egg yolk, olive oil and lemon juice. Apply it on the neck and face, wash it out after 10 minutes.

For oily skin, take a mixture of oatmeal and egg white and apply it on the neck and face

For glowing skin, use basin or green gram powder mixed with milk instead of soap.

• Apply the mixture of raw turmeric and cream of milk on the face and wash it after 20 minutes. It will make your skin fair.

• Apply the mixture of honey, basin, cream of milk and olive oil as a face pack.

• Apply the paste of fenugreek with milk on the face and let it dry. Wash off with luke warm water.

• Make a paste of red sandal wood and apply it on the face every day for glowing skin.

• Make a paste with red sandal powder and coconut milk and apply on the face for soft skin.


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