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Simple-to-make Conditioners

Simple-to-make Conditioners

Henna is a traditional Indian herb that acts as a natural conditioner and is excellent for the maintenance of healthy hair. It can help heal the hair shaft by repairing and sealing the cuticle,protecting hair against breakage and loss of shine.
Herbal Henna, Darkens Hair, acts as natural Hair Conditioner, Controls Dandruff & prevents Hair loss. Due to natural cooling effect of the herbs used it improves eyesight and gives sound sleep.

How to use- * Soak Henna over night. * If dark tint is required soak in an iron bowl. *Apply in small sections of hair and comb through so that Henna paste can reach the hair roots. *For darker tint keep for 2 -3 hours. * For hair conditioning rinse after 30 mints.

*For dark brown hair : Put Henna in an iron bowl and mix with hot freshly boiled tea & coffee. Keep the mixture overnight, cover it with a lid. Use next morning.

*For Burgundy coloring : Boil two BEETROOT'S & 6 - 8 HIBISCUS flower for 20 mints. Allow to cool. Mix with Henna powder to make a paste. Add one lemon juice or 1 tabel spoon of vinegar before use.

*For hair conditioning : Mix Henna powder with one cup of curd, one table spoon of methi powder & water. Apply on hair, Keep it for 30 minutes. Egg may be used for extra body.

*For Burnished highlight : (Gloss & Luster) Boil two table spoon of tea with one table spoon of met hi powder. Mix it with Henna powder to make a paste. Allow the paste to settle down for 1 hr. Add one lemon juice before use.

These are effective and simple-to-make conditioners. These are not as harsh as the chemical conditioners, and are pure and beneficial
The All-purpose Conditioner Rinse Mix the following to prepare the magic rinse:
1 Teaspoon of Castor oil.

1 Teaspoon of Amla or Brahmi oil.

1Teaspoon of Malt Vinegar.

1 Teaspoon of Glycerin.

The Castor oil gives body to hair; the herbal oil acts like a hair tonic; vinegar restores the acid mantle; glycerin moisturizes the hair and shampoo is the medium that blends the ingredients. Before washing the hair, apply this mixture to the hair gently and leave it on for about twenty minutes. Shampoo it out with clear water and feel the marvelous change in your hair texture.

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