Thursday, June 11, 2009

Eye care- To gain sparkling eyes,attractive eye a free tips


Tip 2#

Eyes gives beauty to our face so we must care much about Our eyes.

1. If you have small upper eyelids, avoid dark eye shadows.

2. It will make your eyes look even smaller.

3. Just a single light shadow apply right up to your brows will do the trick.

4. A very thin black line across the base of your upper lashes will further enhance your eyes.

TIP 3#

1. To give attractive look to the eye apply mascara.

2.Apply masacara very carefully and gently for better looks.

3.To Prevent eye Movement while Applying mascara.

4. Look up Then Strech the Eye by pushing the eyebrow with your finger.

5. Then Look Down and apply mascara on top lashes.

6. It gives you very attractive eye look.

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