Thursday, June 18, 2009

Natural way of henna conditioning gives smoothen future of the hair


A Natural way of conditioning the hairs is called Heena. This herbal therapy stops dandruff, hair fall, gives healthy look, smoothen future of the hair, beautiful hairs. Apply heena every 15 days.Home made therapy.

Soak the 1\2kg henna powder or mehndi powder in a iron pan and add the below given items shake it vigorously and make a paste.Apply this paste to the hairs in a proper way .Leave it for 2 to 3 hours and then wash your hairs with warm water next day wash your hairs with shampoo and then apply herbal oil.It gives you silky, soft hairs,shining hairs, strong and smooth hairs, it increases growth of hair and stops hair fall,removes spits.


1. 1/2 kg mehndi or henna powder

2. 2ts of shikakai or Acacia Concinna for smoothen

3. 2ts of brahmi or Bacopa monnieri for growth

4. 2ts of arnica for strong roots

5. 1 egg for proteins

6. 2 ts of methi or Fenugreek Seeds powder for growth


1/2 cup of curd or 1 ts of lemon juice mix with warm water. Apply on hair.After 3 hr wash with shampoo

soak the same items before one day in an iron pan and apply.This is called heena dye. By using these heena dye which is a natural therapy you look younger and can gain strong black hairs by avoiding chemical dye.


1. 1/2 kg musturad oil

2. 1/2 kg coconut oil

3. 1 ts of amla powder

4. 1ts of arnica powder

5. 1ts of brahami or bacopa powder

5. 1ts of mandhra flower powder (hibiscus)

Mix both the oils for 1kg of oil. 10 ts of herbal powdered should be used .Mix all herbal and in both oils shake well and warm before used. Your herbal hair oil is prepared and you can use it daily.

It stops hair fall,prevents from dandruff,gives shining to the hairs,gives healthy hairs,silky hairs .

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