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Herbal facial -Removes black heads, Reduce black spots, Reduce dark circles, gives fairness

Every one wants to look beautiful and younger to gain a glamorous skin,look attractive,specially we like to be looked special in parties,weddings,and we go to parlors and waste our money and time. By doing facial you can sort out all your problems of skin. Here are few amazing home made facial tips

Result: Removes black heads, Reduce black spots, Reduce dark circles, tanned skin, gives fairness, remove acne or pimples, acts as an antiseptic and kills bacteria, removes freckled skin.

Here are some kind of facials tips apply as per suitable to your skin


Herbal facial is a kind of natural facial mostly suitable for all types of skin,It ex foliate s dead skin and gives nourishment, glowing skin, removes freckled skin.

Follow this free simple home made facial tips


By massaging you can feel free relaxed and cool but in a following its necessary chest, collarbone, neck,chin,upper lip,cheeks, forehead, lip corner,nose,eyes brows,eye shades, pimples, last {pinching, tapping}

Use herbal facial cream of a standard company like Ayur, Himalaya products etc. Apply herbal facial cream on the face and neck massage in an upward directions for about 30-40 mints then remove the cream from the face with the help of a sponge .Take steam and remove the black heads with the help of a blackhead remover and apply the herbal face pack.


NEEM- As an antiseptic and kills bacteria.

MINT- act as a antiseptic and kills bacteria.

CUCUMBER- for fairness.

SANDALWOOD- for smoothness.

KEOLIME - glowing skin.

CALAMINE - for shining,attractive skin and smoothness.

ORANGE POWDER - to cure and treat dead skin.

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