Saturday, August 8, 2009

Monsoon related hair problems

The monsoons are here! You must be all prepared to beat the rains with monsoon friendly wardrobe, umbrellas, rain shoes and the works. But hold on what about your hairs?

Monsoon related hair problems like frizzy or damp and listless hair and greasy scalp are nothing new. These problems can in fact weak havoc on otherwise well groomed hair, making it unimaginable and a mass of absolute horror. Here are few suggestions to make hairs look beautiful despite the blues of weather.

Frizzy hair

A frizzy hair is one of the common problems faced by one and all. “This is the time hair tends to get frizzy, sticky and limp and lacks luster. The best remedy is to wash hair with good quality shampoo and conditioner, every it gets wet in the rain. There is too much humidity in the air which makes hair fizzy. Another solution is leave-in conditioner. This helps to reduce frizz caused during the monsoons, comb it through with a wide toothed comb.

Dandruff is of the common hair infection during the monsoons. The only solution to this is to keep the scalp clean by shampooing and conditioning it regularly.

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