Saturday, August 8, 2009

Some easy tips for different types of hairs

Wavy hair takes the shape of the haircut. Use serum to control the hair from frizzing.

For curly hair, one can use a curl activating leave in conditioner. Another option is to finger scrunch the hair and let it dry naturally.

Longer hair can be tied in a ponytail. Use a clip to neatly pin up the front hair. If you can’t manage those unruly locks, go in for a funky, collar-length haircut.

Avoid doing to your hair in the monsoons

1. Don’t go in for hair treatments like priming. It only make the hair look more frizzy caused by moisture in the air.

2. Avoid using bristle brushes as they tend to open the cuticle. if not brushed well, this will make your hair look very frizzy.

3. Avoid using red tints in the hair. They tend to fade off much faster during the rains.

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