Monday, August 17, 2009

vegetable facial

Use according to the suitable skin
collect vegetables like carrot, tomatoes,cabbage mint,cucumber, patatoes, spinach{palak}

Grind all the vegetables and massage your face with this vegetable scrub for abut 20 mints.Take the steam to remove black heads with the help of a black head remover and Then apply the face pack.It gives you gorgeous look, removes dead skin, nourishes and ex foliate your skin, become fair, smoothness, soft skin, removes freckled skin.


NEEM-As an antiseptic and kills bacteria

MINT- act as a antiseptic and kills bacteria

CUCUMBER- for fairness

SANDALWOOD - for smoothness

KEOLIME - glowing skin

CALAMINE - for shining, attractive skin and smoothness

ORANGE POWDER - to remove dead skin

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